A Store for People who Stay Active


Uzzi is much more than just another clothing company. We want to offer out guests much more than a new pair of swim trunks and a shirt, we want to offer them a lifestyle. With images of the Caribbean and the crisp blue waters that wash the earth in mind we set out to offer customers a form of life, a life that revolves around outdoor living and experiences every bit of joy that life has to offer.


Our Products

Uzzi Amphibious Gear creates catalysts for adventure, for exploring the outdoors, for living. If you enjoy diving, surfing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, boating, camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the blessings that life has to offer then we have an endless array of products that were made specifically for people like you. We design clothing for living life to the fullest, and not everyone is living to that extent.


Water = Life

Our Land and Ocean Company is not for everyone. It’s for people who strive for more. It’s for people who feel comfortable in the water. Water is an essential ingredient for life, and we want our customers to feel alive by embracing the joys water has to offer. We want to celebrate the elements that make up our lives. Uzzi stands for something larger, something higher and more powerful than simple beach clothing, we stand for life.


A Better Experience

Uzzi is about clothing that helps you connect to the person you were born to be, a living, breathing, adventurous and daring human being who isn’t afraid to grab life by the horns. Join us, on land and sea. Join us for a life worth living.